Sunday, September 23, 2012

Another Dog Update - Tate

I know that I stated that I wasn't going to let this blog slide, but alas...I did! But August was just too "dog gone" hot to work dogs much, so I turned the sheep out to pasture and did as little as I could!

But we have had cooler weather and even some rain, so my "temperature" is a lot better, too! Soooo...back to the round pen and the practice trial field. Also, a special thanks to for making this post possible.


I've still been using Tate every day to gather goats. I've been also getting ready for our fall trial season. Again, I opted to not do any of the arena trials, but there are two weekends in October, where I will be entered up for two runs each weekend. Therefore, Tate and I have been working on our "whistles" - Tate "taking" them and me "giving" them correctly! We're getting there, thought at times it is slow. Since I've moved up from the Novice class to the Ranch class, we now have to do a shortened version of an Open Ranch Run. Tate and I have been working on drives and cross drives. Our drives, both right and left are pretty good, if I do say so myself, but alas, still lots of work on our cross drives, though we are getting better!

Tate bringing in goats

Tate moving sheep in the pens

Stayed tuned for updates (and new photos) of Bess and Pete!