Sunday, October 30, 2011

Overcoming Obstacles

Laura must have had a busy week last week, as we missed TMT. I missed hearing from the dog blog world! As we all know, we all like our dog story fix!! Anyway, last time Laura asked us to address an obstacle that we faced and how we overcame it! I had posted about my trial troubles, but I am pleased to say that the next weekend we had two more runs and we faired much better. We won the first go, and even though my miscue on sending him on the second go caused Tate to cross over, we pulled it together and finished the course and had a perfect score on the pen portion! So, though, we still have much work, we did have progress over the obstacle!

These are pictures of our winning run.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pete Update

Pete is now almost 11 weeks old! 
Look how big he is!
He was enjoying a snooze by the door, that way he could tell when I went outside! He always wants to be in on the action!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tell me Thursday #14

Wow, Thursday already, and Laura, digging deep! How did you know last Friday was a GREAT BIG KICK MY HINEY OBSTACLE!!!

So, here goes! I've been having some really, really, really nice practices at home with Tate. We've really begun to "partner" at the pen, driving is consistent and steady, flanks are 99% square and smooth, outruns he's stopping himself at the head of the sheep and fairly good lifts, rushes just a little, but fetches well, and takes flank commands quickly and efficiently, driving around the post and holding the pressure side well. So, maybe I was over confident, but felt good when I went to the post Friday afternoon. Sent him to the left, nice big outrun, stopped about 11:00 at the head of the sheep. Had to encourage him to walk up and lift, but doing okay, and then..... well it all went south - literally. One old ewe through up her head and Tate "helped" her go south - toward the set out. The outrun was about 150-175 yards, but the set out pen was 400+ yards away - you know that 1/4 of a mile!! Well, I left the post at a good clip, (and some joker in the spectators said "she'll NEVER run that far"!) but thanks for good friends, Jo said "oh yeah she will, just watch her!!" Anyway, got a good correction and had another chance since I had two runs. We "gotter done" but it wasn't pretty. Slow on the lift, some off-line on the fetch, nice control at the post and going to the pen, and Tate did good at the pen, but one old ewe got her head over the line and then just sat there - I was leaning over her (not touching!!) and whispering "sweet nothings" in her ear. Caused Tate to come around and one of the other sheep shot out of the pen, but Tate stopped her and I finally "convinced" the ole ewe to cross the line. We ended up 4th out of 11, so I'm okay with that.

So, been working on lifts all week. He is better, but we will see how it goes tomorrow - two more runs at the last trial before the state finals.

I was pretty bummed over the weekend, but got it all back in perspective and found the good things we had done, and went to work on the things that we didn't do well.

That's life - always obstacles - but we can choose to be victorious in our own minds!

Happy Fall Ya'll

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tell Me Thursday #13

Wow, time does fly, and thanks Laura, I kinda needed a "no brainer" week!!! My first fall trial is tomorrow, so my brain can't handle any thing too strenuous!

#1. What is your favorite Little Debbie snack? 

 and in this order.

#2. What do you use for laundry detergent? 

 Clean Burst scent. But I'm wanting to try Laura's deal sometime.

#3. Tighty Whities or Boxers? 

I don't really care - but I was going to upload a picture of Abercrombie and Fitch models wearing them, but....

#4. Dogs: On the bed? In the house? On the furniture? Never. What are your rules? 

NO! NO! NO! Never. Outside dogs only. I had four kids and a husband in the house - I didn't need dog cleaning to add to it.

#5. Favorite dog related web-site? Favorite NON dog related website? 

Alta_Pete Trials for the dog related, and it's a toss up for the NON dog site I follow quite a few quilter's blogs and I enjoy them all. Right now the one I'm enjoying reading the most is Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilts because she has included some very interesting historical excerpts with each block she introduces each week. I started late on making the blocks, and am working to get caught up.

Note: check out my previous post. I know a lot of you are coffee drinkers and may want a chance at my giveawy!!

Happy Fall Ya'll

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

House Warming Giveaway!

Okay, I've taken the plunge and committed to posting on my house blog - Doniene's 365 Days: Line Shack to Rustic Mansion. Yes, it will be a daily picture of the journey and results from our house building venture. I really would like feedback and would love to answer questions. I have posted some of the history and background in the sidebar of the blog, but if you would like clarification, I will be delighted to respond to all comments. One note that I did not include, is that when I say "we built our house" I mean we did 99% of the work. In other words, we were the general contractor, the framers, the rock layers, the finishers, the plumbers, etc.

Additionally, I'm having a giveaway relating to the house blog - hence the House Warming Giveaway. The prize is a vintage Fire King cup & saucer, one half pound of Gevalia ground coffee, a devotional book Coffee Breaks with God, and a mini quilt (which will be finished by the end of the giveaway).

Here's how to enter the giveaway:

One chance - leave a comment on my house blog and say you want to be in the drawing

Second chance - become a follower on my house blog

Third chance - become a follower on this blog

Fourth chance - blog about my house blog on your blog

The giveaway will end on November 1, 2011.

Most of all, I hope you enjoy the journey with me.

Happy Fall Ya'll

Friday, October 7, 2011


I forgot to mention yesterday that I received my lanyard from Laura this week!!! I am not a photographer, and the photos do not really show how beautiful it is, but wanted to share. She did an absolutely amazing job!!! The colors are perfect. Now just gotta learn to whistle consistently!!! (Need a pretty one, too!)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tell Me Thursday #12

Laura wants to know:

#1.  If you won the lottery (a big one...I'm talking stupid muchos cash) what would you do with the money?

Get out of debt, give my kids a bunch of it, buy a new aluminum horse trailer that will haul at least 4 horses and my dogs, tack compartment and small living quarters, and move around the world in accordance with sheep dog trials.

#2. After winning the lottery would you work a day job? If so what would you do?

I asked my dad a question like that many years ago, and he told me that he wouldn't want to do anything else than what he was doing - he was a rancher. I think he would have like to be out of debt, but he loved his lifestyle. I have been so very blessed to live a similar life, that I guess my day job would be what I do now. It's hard work, but a good life.

#3. Do you have any auxiliary dogs? Auxiliary dogs are dogs that are not essential to your main purpose (usually tiny, but not always). If you don't have an auxiliary dog, what would you choose?

No auxiliary dogs here. But let's see, what would I choose......

Maybe one of these!!!

or one of these:

or the summer version!

But what ever I get, I definitely have to one of these to walk the dog!!!!!

#4. Do you have a favorite crock pot recipe (or other recipe) you can share? 

Beef Stroganoff

2 lb beef tips
1 large onion chopped
1 can cream of onion soup
1 can golden mushroom soup
1 8 oz. can sliced mushrooms, drained
1 tsp ground black pepper
1 8 oz cream cheese, softened
1 8oz sour cream
1 16 oz pkg egg noodles

In crock pot, combine beef tips, onions, soups mushrooms and pepper. Cover and cook on high (depending on your crock pot) for about 8 hours or until beef is tender. Stir in cream cheese and sour cream. Cook noodles according to package directions. Serve meat over noodles.

I haven't made this yet, but I had it at a friend's house and it was scrumptious!!! She cooked the noodles and then stirred them in with the meat before serving. Great with tossed salad and rolls, and of course anything CHOCOLATE FOR DESSERT!!!!!

Happy Fall Ya'll