Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tell Me Thursday

Wow is it really Thursday already. I don't think I've got much done this week, but I know it has been hot - 108 yesterday - which really puts a damper on anything "dog", so I guess what I have got done is "SURVIVE"!! lol

In answer to Laura's questions here goes.

#1. How did you get into Border Collies?

 Almost 11 years ago my second daughter got a 4 month old BC pup that would work any thing that moved. So, I got a couple of videos and trained her for ranch work. Skeeter was such a natural gather dog and could read stock well, she taught me more than I ever taught her!!!. She worked hard on the ranch, gathering goats and cattle, and being an exercise dog for the kids' 4-H projects. I raised 4 litters of pups out of her, most of which went to farms and ranches for working dogs. I kept Tate from one of the litters and he became my first trial prospect. I went to my first trial a year ago and I am totally hooked!!!! Note: Look two posts down and you'll see pics of Skeeter.

#2 How many dogs do you have?

Tate - 3 year old male

Liesl - almost 2 year old female

Bess - 3 1/2 month old female - 3/4 sister to Liesl

Sonya - Pyrenees guard dog

Tate      1
Liesl      1
Bess         1/2
Sonya    1 1/2

Total     4 !!!!

#3 What I do for a day job?

Full time hand on the ranch. Dog trainer, horse trainer, milk maid, chore girl, errand girl, handywoman, cook and chief bottle washer.

#4. What question would you like to answer (ask)?

No, I don't get paid for any of the above jobs, but a friend of mine says: "I'm too busy to work!"

#5. What was for dinner last night:

Meat loaf, baked potatoes, green beans, cantaloupe, fresh cow's milk and chocolate pudding.

Thanks for viewing!!
Happy "Trialing" to all!!!

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Laura Carson said...

Hah! Your dog math cracks me up. Looks like Skeeter left a legacy for all of you.

Your dinner last night sounds really YUM! It seems like I ran across a recipe for turkey meatloaves - individual - that I keep meaning to try. Your post reminds me! Thanks. :)