Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pete Update

I could write and write and write and ooooo and ahhhhh about my Pete pup! Thanks to for making this post about Pete possible.

I'll preface my update about Pete by saying that without Emil

and Spot

there wouldn't be a Pete nor an update by me about him.

Emil raised Pete from his nice gyp Hope who is a daughter of Spot. Spot was 2010 Reserve Champion of the Meeker Classic, 6th at the 2010 USBCHA National Trial, and the Texas Sheep Dog Association State Champion in 2010 and 2011.

Now to Pete - I think I was a little tentative starting Pete, but Emil got us "jump started" about a 10 days ago. (He kicked me in the hiney, but got Pete going out on stock!!) Well, we are doing super good!! I want Pete to be "my" dog, but I'm depending on Emil to help me get him to his best!

By the way, Pete's half brother placed 6th at this year's USBCHA Nationals in Nursery and was voted "Most Promising Young Dog". So needless to say, Emil has put a little pressure on Pete and me to get qualified in nursery. I'm open to the concept, but I've seen too many cutting horses ruined at a young age because of too much pressure, so I don't plan on putting Pete or me in that situation. Besides, Pete is a 2 year nursery dog, so we've got plenty of time to make it to nationals! 2014 Nationals are back in Carbondale, Colorado - my home state - so what a thrill for sure to make it there!!

Without further ado - a few photos of Pete's latest working session!

Happy Trails to Ya'll!!!

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