Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tell Me Thursday #15

Glad to have Laura back - missed her nosiness!! LOL Of course she (with the help of several friends) is asking questions again!

1. What are you thankful for this week?

That's easy - I AM SO GLAD THAT IT IS NOT 108 DEGREES OUTSIDE!!! I've actually worn a sweater for several days!!! We also have had some rain for which I am equally thankful. We have a chance for rain the first of next week.

2. How do you deal with a squeaker/shrieker/noisy dog?

We don't really have a problem with that, but Liesl has a very sharp, high pitched Yap, that is annoying. We teach all our dogs that "hush" means to make no noise. Most of the time, our dogs only bark if there is something "out of place/sorts" so we usually check it out. Sonya has a response howl/bark when the coyotes and foxes are carrying on, and we like her to do that to keep them away.

3. Barbara wants to know: what would you say is ONE skill or attribute that is necessary for success.


4. Pippin wants to know: what are your favorite games?

Sonya: I don't play games - I am much too dignified! humph

Pete: My absolute favorite game is grab Sonya by the scruff and hang on. She can't get me there!!! tee hee

Bess: While doing chores with the boss lady, I LOVE to beat the cats to the barn, get in front of them and  see them SCREEEEEEEECH to a halt. Then I trot off, and help feed horses.

Liesl: When play time comes, I love to upend Bess and see how many times she flips!! She is hilarious!!!

Tate: I love to chase Liesl and Bess around during play time, and I cheer (bark) them on while they are wrestling!

Mike: I like to play card games both with the family and on the computer - even though the computer players are really 'stupid' sometime.

Doniene: I like playing cards/games with the family and my favorite computer game is Word Yacht.

5. What are some of your strategies for dealing with winter?

We generally don't have "real winter" for very long periods. But during those cold spells, we stock pile the fire wood stack (we heat our house with two wood burning stoves). I put extra bedding in all the dog houses, and we feed extra hay/cubes to all the horses and cows. If it stays real cold for a week or more, I put a heat lamp in the chicken house.

Happy Fall Ya'll

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Laura Carson said...

You have chickens? *shudder*

I'm glad it's cooled off for you guys, and that you've gotten/will get some rain. Talk about dustbowl recently!

Amen to Never Give Up! Wise words, indeed!