Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday Update

Kelly over at Timber View Farm has a great idea. We will all miss TMT with Laura, but that doesn't keep us from making weekly updates and keeping each other abreast of our lives with our dogs! So until after the holidays here's my weekly update.

My main dog activity has been getting Tate ready for Texas State Finals! It is next weekend (18th and 19th). After my mistake on our last run, I've really been working on release command, and we have had some good works. A friend of mine is coming this weekend so we can work our dogs together. It should be a lot of  fun.

I've been working Bess 3 or 4 days a week on our old goats. She turns 7 months old this month, so I'm not asking a lot, just giving her the opportunity to work. She has been working everything that moves since she was 3 months old. Her dry works commands are awesome! She downs instantly, even at reasonable distances. Her call back is at about 98%, which is amazing to me. She's learning her "with me" command, which is essentially a "heal" command, and is doing very well. On stock, she goes both directions and shows amazing natural balance and rate. I'm very excited to work with her. I'm going slow and sure and keeping her interested and correct.

Pete is 3 months old. He loves doing chores with me and playing with Sonya. He is a joy, and so very smart about the horses, and listens very well.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and wonderful week til next time!!


Laura Carson said...

YAY puppies! Sounds like Bess is a neat one, and Pete will be right behind her soon enough. :)

And yup, you all can update as much as you want! I may get a chance to post. Will try to as I can. :)

Kelly said...

2 puppies! Have fun with that :) What kind of horses do you have?