Thursday, February 2, 2012

TMT #5 2012

1. Julie wants to know one frugal tip this week. 

Cook from scratch, and then freeze meals to warm up later. Now that it is just hubby and I at home (minus 4 kids) it works well for us and is healthier than quick, premade meals.

2. What are you reading this week? 

A set of "sappy" Christian love stories set in the 1880's by Diann Mills. It's mindless and wonderful!!

3. Barbara wants to know: do you hit the snooze button on the alarm clock and if so how many times?

 I used to be a notorious snooze button hitter!!!! Maybe up to an hour, grab the clock, hold it in you hand, hold it under the pillow and "muscle memory in the ole index finger" let me sleep a whole hour!!! The I conditioned myself to get out of bed, hit the off button, punch the coffee, and get up. Now, I sleep until I wake up - which is about 6:00 - 6:30, get up and get a cup of coffee (hubby has already punched the button - yeah) and start my day!

4. If you had to travel in a sedan (or if you already drive a sedan) and you have five or six dogs, how would you handle it? 

Get a window put in between the front seat and the back seat, put wire screens over the back windows, throw the dogs all in the back seat and drive down the back roads so no one could see me. !!!!!! But:

Bess would definitely want to ride shotgun!!!

Pete would want to hang his head out the window!!

Sonya would be incensed!!

Tate would be a perfect gentleman!!

And Liesl would refuse to ride inside!!

5. How much do you filter what you put on your own blog? 

Not sure how much I filter - I have three separate blogs and try to keep the topic on each confined to that area. I'm honest about where my weaknesses and strengths lie and am quick to show/tell my faults especially about my dog training/working. I enjoy the same in others blogs.

Have a Great Weekend !!

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Laura Carson said...

Those pictures are just all kinds of awesome!!!

I love the cook more and freeze idea. :) That's the only way I can afford to cook, being single. I particularly love to make soups and freeze in single serving bowls.

I love sappy mindless stories. :) Enjoy!