Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Confessional


 Okay, this is Laura's fault - I decided to participate. So here goes!

I Confess - That when I first started blogging, I gauged my success on how many followers I had!! But when I got over that....well...

I Confess -  the friends I've made in blog land are amazing and I've enjoyed every minute of getting to know each and every one of you!

I Confess - keeping up with three blogs gets to me sometime, but hey I'm a person with many interests and don't want to bore one group with my thoughts on every subject.

I Confess - it use to hurt my feelings when my quilt blog friends didn't give a hoot about how great an out run Tate had!! and that my dog buddies thought I was nuts when I told them about winning some quilt blocks in a drawing!! Hence - separate blogs!!! 

I Confess - confession IS GOOD for my soul!! Thanks!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!   


Laura Carson said...

I know what you mean - keeping up with more than one blog can be a bit overwhelming sometimes.

It's hard not to worry about the followers thing. Been there. :)

We are a lot alike in the varied interests departments, so I would totally get quilt square stuff. I try to keep myself focused on my own blog but one day I realized that random blather is just part of what I do, so there!

Laura Carson said...

er... I meant that I try to keep myself focused on DOGS on my own blog... but as you've seen I am easily distracted.

Mamarazzi said...

i confess...your auto player just scared the crap out of me. it is 4am here and i think everyone in the house will be awake

cute pups!

i love making new friends through blogging too.

thanks for confessing. sorry i am slow. I had a busy HAPPY weekend with my family, life is sweet, gotta live it!

Sue said...

This is priceless, Doniene, Your confessions especially about blogging I could have written.~lol~ I am truly thankful for my blogging friends.
Thanks for the smile today, and for taking the time to visit me.