Tuesday, April 24, 2012

TMT 2012 #14

Thanks Jaenne' for hosting TMT - life is crazy for everyone - and I'm just now getting around to posting!

1. Give me at least one good thing that has happened recently - dog wise and non-dog wise or both.

Non-dog wise: Our son just got married on Easter weekend! We had such a good time. Here are some pictures if you want to take a peek!

Dog wise: Bess is doing awesome!! She turned 1 year old on the 18th - and it is such a joy to work with because she is a dog that not only loves me, but loves to do her job! Tate is still stepping up to the plate and proving to be indispensable helping me here on the ranch. We're shedding!!!!! Now to just convert all that to a trial field!! LOL The first spring trial that I'm able to participate in is May 12 and 13 - so we've been practicing trial field stuff too!

2. How did you end up working in the field/profession that you are currently in?

I was raised on a ranch in north central Colorado/south central Wyoming and then I married a rancher from Texas - so though I am college educated and worked outside the home for a few years - I'm the stay at home Mom (kids are all grown) promoted to number one ranch hand. And wouldn't change a thing!

3. What kind of response to you get when people ask you what your hobbies are and you answer:
"I train and trial Border Collies"? 

Different responses ranging from "duh" what's that? to Wow, that's cool. I haven't interviewed for a job in 30 years, so it is just people I'm newly meeting that ask that, so I don't feel too "committed" to give a good impression - but if they want to listen - I'll talk about it!!

Thanks again Jaenne'!! Sorry I've missed a couple, but I love reading what everyone writes!!

Have a great weekend!


Knotty Dogs said...

Doniene! Lyn and Rygh's wedding photos are awesome! The photographers did a beautiful job! Lyn is gorgeous and it looks like all of the little details all fell into place. What a lovely set of memories.

Laura Carson said...

Congrats on the wedding. :) The photos are stunning - I got chill bumps just looking. :)