Thursday, April 26, 2012

TMT 2012 - #15

I just finished working in the garden - weeding, planting tomatoes and peppers and watering. I'm a little slow this year getting things done, but I love to garden - vegies and flowers. But I'm tuckered out and got a glass of tea and plopped down at the computer to "rest" a little. And low and behold, but Laura is back!!! Oh yeah - she now has a new name - The Pruninator!!!! Wish she would come to my house - got a few trees and bushes to work on!

1. Are you a morning person? A night owl? Do you pop out of bed with song and happiness? Do you hit your stride after dark? 

I am definitely a "DO NOT TALK TO ME UNTIL I HAVE HAD MY FIRST CUP OF COFFEE (OR MAYBE EVEN MY SECOND"!! But I love getting up early and enjoying the cool of the morning - love to see the sunrise, hear the birds sing, smell the dew etc. etc. All with a cup of coffee in hand and no human voices!! After about 30 minutes, I'm good to go for the whole day! Like to be in bed by 10:30 - you know gotta watch the evening news. When I was a kid, I never could see why my parents watched the news!! It is definitely a grown up thing - but I only watch the weather and the sports!

2. What is your favorite candy? 

Milky Way Dark!!! The best ever. But basically anything chocolate is fine with me!! At Christmas time I usually make home made chocolate covered cherry nougat candy - then my daughter and I see who can eat the most without getting sick!! I usually can eat the most! LOL

3. What is your biggest driving pet peeve? 

Oh my goodness, can I get on my soap box!!! I promise I will keep it short enough that it will only take one cup of coffee!!


People who drive small cars and then pull out in front of me! Remember I drive this:

A One Ton Ford 4X4 with a ranch hand grill guard. Don't those people realize that if I hit them -

THEY WILL LOSE!!! I'm bigger than they are.


People driving small cars that pull out in front of me when I'm driving the big red PU pulling a loaded 20 foot goose neck stock trailer going 60 miles an hour - it does not STOP ON A DIME!!!! DON'T THEY KNOW THEY WILL LOSE!!!!!!

What's funny -  it happens a lot!!! One time I swear I could smell the guy's pants when I nearly hit him! Serves him right!!! I think there should be a law that states that in order for any one to get a driver's license they have to drive my PU pulling a trailer and have some one in a little car pull out in front of them!!! (won't be me - they might hit me!!)

Okay - maybe it took a whole pot of coffee!!

4.  How do you prepare yourself and your dogs for summer?

Pray for winter!!!! My dogs live outside year round, so they acclimate well. The dog runs are surrounded by trees and they have big water tubs to climb in. Unless there is a ranch emergency, we try to do all of our stock work early in the mornings or late in the evenings. Did I mention pray for winter! Oh yeah pray for lots of rain and cool days! Pray for winter to come soon!

5.  Lets talk about grass in your dog yard. Do you have any? How much maintenance do you do? 

Nope, no grass in the dog runs, though they are dirt runs. There are a few weeds - I just leave them. Don't have much grass in the real yard either - mow the weeds and call it good! Did I mention - I pray for lots of rain - takes rain to grow grass - oh yeah it's cooler then too!

Now I'm rested, refreshed and ready for the rest of the day! Thanks Laura - when are you coming with the pruners? Or do I need to go prune my own rose bushes?!!! LOL

Happy Trails to Ya'll


Laura Carson said...

Oh man, it's funny because I was just thinking the other night about how stupid I thought it was that my parents watched the news every night, and now I do it too! Mostly I just want to see the weather. ;)

Yeah, girl, you gots some road rage. But it would make me seriously crazy if people pulled out on me in that truck!!!

Kelly said...

I used to hate that when I was always pulling a truck and horse trailer around going to shows. I'd scream at people because there is not stopping short and I HATE making the ride harder on the horses!!

Sue said...

Loved this post! And learning new things about you, I too have a pet peeve of people of any car pulling out in front, and like you they do it a lot. lol
Enjoy your day.