Saturday, February 1, 2014

Training Journal - Week 4

January 26:  Didn't do anything with the dogs today, except feed them! Out of town all afternoon and evening.

January 27: Cold, cold day. Gathered goats with Bess. She did very well. Worked Pete on sheep in the arena. I'm really working on getting him wider. I think he's getting it and I'm more consistent with my corrections and timing. No walk about, but let them play together in the kennels for a few minutes.

January 28: Another cold morning. Walk - about in the trap behind the house. Kept dogs on leash until we crossed the creek and then I let them free run to the west fence. As we headed back toward the house, Pete wanted to "sell out", but got him called back and he had to come back on the leash. Mikkie and I rode to gather goats - found them on the south end of middle glade. Bess did really well, though she wanted to head them all the time. She stayed with me all the time until we got to the water lot gate, then she just "had" to go around. She wanted to "bust" the sheep, but got her down and back out of the bunch. Worked Pete on trap sheep (6 head). We're still working on getting wider and he is doing well. Just a real short work; probably less than 10 minutes.

January 29: No goats for Bess to work. Worked Pete on sheep. Still working on getting him "out". He is doing better each day.!

January 30:  Again, no goats for Bess. Worked Pete on sheep Working on getting him out on the top.

January 31: Penned goats with Bess. She did some really nice flanks and walk-ups to night. No sheep work for Pete today, as I helped Mike on a job all day.

February 1: Ditto from yesterday! Pete is "sad"!!! Should be able to work tomorrow! Though it is suppose to be cold.

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