Sunday, February 9, 2014

Training Journal - Week 5

February 2: Another NO WORK day. Cold, goats didn't come and I was just tired from two days of laying water lines!

February 3: Pretty cold all day. Penned goats with Bess. Then took them from the water lot to the pens to sort out a couple of heavy nannies. Bess did really good work in the pens, and did fairly well moving the goats back and forth. All in all, very pleased with her work tonight. Used Pete to hold a nanny in the corner of the cow lot. He did well. Then worked him on the sheep for about 10-15 minutes. Still working on "getting out" and he is doing better each time I work him. Was very pleased since I hadn't worked him for three days. I'm gaining my confidence back.

February 4: A nice day. Let the dogs run and play in the garden - they played "Chase Pete" and it was hilarious - darting around the trees and seed beds! Then worked Pete on sheep. I'm still working on getting wider on the top Pete is doing really well!! Then penned goats with Bess and she did good!!

February 5: NO WORK.

February 6: No work.

February 7: Penned goats with Bess. Had a good work with Pete on sheep. Still working on keeping him out, and he is doing better every day! So rewarding to be gaining ground again.

February 8:  No goats. Worked Pete on Sheep Ditto of yesterday and I am very pleased with our progress!

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Prairie Stitcher said...

Hello - I just dropped by from another blog where I saw "border collie". We love border collies and I enjoyed reading all you do with them. You're very busy, so I won't keep you. Just wanted to say hello. Come by and see us at Prairie Cottage Corner when you have a minute. Thanks for sharing. Kathie, in Odessa, WA.