Sunday, March 23, 2014

Training Journal - Week 6 - February 9-14, 2014

February 9: Penned goats with Bess, then held the goats while the calves worked themselves out of the water lot. Proud of her. Worked Pete on the sheep. First time that I took him out with a leash at all. I thought he was going to bust and go to the sheep off command, but he did a nice lay down and a decent outrun against the fence. As we were fetching them toward the barn, one ewe wanted to run back to the goats and Pete split the herd. I was walking and trying to get him to go around and she bolted which made the other sheep bolt. Pete ran after, refused to lie down and "ran the sheep around". Picked him up behind the house and got him stopped just right. Got him out and we fetched the sheep to the barn. Had to get pretty hard on corrections, but we finished really good. I was pleased that even though he busted, I got good corrections and a good finish.

February 10: No goats, so didn't work Bess. Worked Pete on sheep. Still working on him staying out and off the sheep. He is getting better and better each time I work him! I'm excited!

February 11: Too icy, so didn't work at all.

February 12: Penned goats with Bess. Worked sheep with Pete. Still progressing and I'm pleased with it!

February 13: No work today. Helped Mike with water line job.

February 14: Penned goats with Bess. Pete didn't work stock, but he went with me today on our water line job. It was good for him to ride in the pickup and see and hear different things. He is very sensitive to sounds and was scared of the air coming through the water lines. But by the end of the day, he would just cock his head and listen and not try to get away! Good dog!

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