Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tell Me Thursday #11

Well, my favorite day of the week - another episode of Laura's TMT - thankfully this week's questions are not quite so brain taxing - thank you Laura!

#1. What movie do you love and are too embarrassed to admit you love it?  

My Date With the President's Daughter - Oh yeah!!!! I know all the punch lines, the song, everything. It used to be the movie I put on when I ironed clothes!! My kids would just roll their eyes and disappear. I'm not sure I'm too embarrassed, but I know they were too embarrassed to let their friends know that their mom watched that movie!!

#2.  Ann wants to know how far do you drive/travel to attend trials, clinics, lessons? How far is too far?

Right now my travel limit for trials is 4 hours. The reasons are: funds, novice status, only trialing one dog and time. I've not attended any clinics, but I only travel about 2 hours to practice at Emil's, and I usually only do that about twice a month due to reasons listed above. But, when I have more than one dog to trial and move up a class or two, it is in my plans to travel more frequently and farther. I know I will have to haul a lot to get my dogs seasoned - and my goal (not a six month one, so not listed last week) is to 1. Show at Meeker and 2. make the USBCHA finals.

#3. What is your theme song (circa Ally McBeal)?  

Wow, girl, you are stretching me. Number one, I had to Google Ally McBeal to even know what you were talking about! Number two, I didn't watch the show. And Number three, I"m struggling to get enough different tones on my whistles for the dogs, and You think this brain thinks about music!!!! But when I iron I listen to Beethoven and in particular like the 5th symphony (I've upgraded from the above mentioned movie!)
Does that count!!!

#4. Laura S wants to know: if you had to choose a new dog activity, one that you had never done before, what would you choose? 

I have the "Google bug" today, because I had now idea what I would do. But there is a Wikipedia list of dog sports and I got some great ideas from there!!!!

Dog Scootering


These looked like a lot of fun and I absolutely refused to imagine me loosing my balance at any time what so ever!!!

#5. What would your dog choose?  

I went outside and took a poll from each dog and this is their responses.

Sonya: I'm really, really tired of taking care of these little rugrats that appear every few months or so -

So, my new dream is total retirement, preferable on a beach somewhere -

Tate:  Well I tried a new occupation - the one that yelled at me for two hours the other day said I was "sky bugging", but I had a great time chasing that lamb into the brush!!! But it got me solitary confinement, so I think I best be getting back to herding and obeying commands.

Bess: I want to be a mud wrestler!!!!
 Liesl: Anything Bess wants I want!!

Pete: When I'm not bugging the big white dog (man is it fun!!) I'd rather just sleep!

Note: I polled each dog to see if they thought scootering or skijoring was in their future and they just looked at me!!

That's all for this week!

Happy Fall Ya'll!! 
P.S. Laura, here's your chocolate!!


Do you really want me to send it?


Mara said...

LOVE muddy Bess! She is stinkin' adorable!

I'm trying the Skijoring thing when we get snow again. Ordered the harness last winter but it took f.o.r.e.v.e.r to come and didn't arrive until the day that the snow melted (exactly). I may be a glutton for punishment, but it sounds fun and I've got a puller!

Pippin, the Gentle Pup said...

Oh, Miss Doniene, your Sonya is even more beautiful than I. You must give her her beach retirement right away! (but keep getting the little ones, of course)

Laura Carson said...

Of COURSE I want you to send it. Half eaten oreo and all. lol! Desperate times and all. Just kidding. :)

That Bess... I could just squeeze her!! Even muddy she's adorable.

Steffi said...

Dog scootering and skijoring look like so much fun - I would so love to try those! And that Bess has got to be the cutest mud wrestler!

- Steffi

Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch said...

I wonder if my Lassie collie would be interested in pulling a wagon. She loves to herd and body slam, but I don't know about pulling.