Friday, July 22, 2011

Bess and Liesl

This is Bess!!

This is Liesl!

They are 3/4 sisters and are proving to be very good dogs. They are so much fun and have a tremendous amount of personality!! They even have a great time together.

Notice Liesl's britches and her eyes (they look like she has makeup on!). I always say "she's ready to go anywhere - she has her britches and eyeliner on!!"  lol

This is Bess after playing with Liesl!!! Notice she has her makeup on, too!! lol


Laura Carson said...

Look at those GREAT ears on that puppy! What a cutie, both of them. Interesting markings on Liesl (are you a Sound of Music fan?!?!)!

Lucy said...

oohh the last picture is soo cute. What a nice blog you have in a great part of the world!