Friday, July 22, 2011


Sonya is our "guardian" dog. Sonya means the "wise one" and she is - very wise. I've never been around Pyrenees before, and having her has been a treat. She was five months old when we got her, and not have been raised with sheep and goats she became our "compound" dog. She patrols around the headquarters and has more than earned her keep. This year alone she has killed 7 possums and kept several skunks out of the chicken house. I've seen her test the breezes early in the morning, crook her tail over her back and take off in the brush letting any predator know that "this is her place". We have a multitude of coyotes, foxes and bobcats and we have never lost any stock around the headquarters. The sheep I use to train dogs with stay in the traps (about 40 acres) around the house. She is a great companion for any pups that we have, but when the pups start working she "puts" them in their place. Note that she is chained - that's what I have to do whenever we have the other BCs out working! But when they are in their pens, she is free to do her job!!