Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tell Me Thursday!

#1. My most embarrassing trial moment.
I don't have a picture (thankfully), but my most embarrassing moment was last October. It was my very first field trial. I had gone to the post three other times in arena trials, so I was a little nervous to send Tate for the first time "in the open air". I sent him to the right (his best outrun direction) and he did fine until he saw the setout person!! Then he stopped and looked back at me like "what do you want me to do now?" So I sent him again, and he went on around and brought the sheep on. He brought them a little fast and sent them past me at the pen (remember I'm still showing Novice, so my post was the pen). I sent him around and he was doing pretty good until one ewe decided she was going to leave the bunch and go to the exhaust. Tate got the idea that he was suppose to "help" her get there!! So I had to go get him off the sheep, but when I turned and left the post I fell flat on my face!!!! Two weeks before I had injured my hamstring and when I put weight on it to push off and run toward Tate, there was NOTHING there, and I went down!! I got to my knees and yelled at Mike (my husband) to jump in and get Tate cause I couldn't get there in time. Everyone else thought I had hurt myself. The judge and the scribe came running to see if I was okay. When they found out that I was fine, just couldn't run, they said they could laugh now cause I sure looked funny!!!! 
#2. What whistle do I like to use.

Well this is confession time for me. I'm just learning to whistle!!! This is an area where I am just not very confident and I've drug my feet getting whistles down.  I have finger whistles for my stop and walk up, and am using one like this:
I can make lots of sounds, in fact I can whistle Christmas Carols, but am still lacking in confidence. Our fall trials start in October and I've vowed that I will have flanking whistles down the next time I go to the post!! So you guys keep me honest and ask how my whistling is going!!!!

Till next time! Happy trials to you!

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Laura Carson said...

No way did I laugh at your falling. Ok, maybe a tiny bit. But it was more in commisseration because although I've not face planted at a trial I've had many spectacular falls working dogs otherwise. :)

Good for you on working on your whistles! I didn't have my Open dog on whistles until... well... Open. lol! I still occasionally blow farty noises when I get nervous.

Thanks for playing!