Monday, July 4, 2011


One year ago, Tate and I did our first trial. It was a "Locals" class at Rock Springs, Texas. We got 2nd and I knew I wanted to go on and keep trialing and getting better. I met Allen Mills, Ron Burkey, Susan Carpenter and several other Open Handlers, and they were all encouraging, even though Tate and I were really, really green.

One week later, I met Emil Luedecke at a clinic at his place, and well I'm still trialing.  I'm still a Novice Handler, but my goal is to get good enough to make a run at the Meeker Classic.

People ask me "what's the breeding on your dog" and I say "He's just a dog". He's the dog that God gave for this season. He's kinda weak, he's kinda high loper, some times he slices his flanks, but I started him by myself and with the help of Emil, Allen, Cookie Mooreland, Dal Lamphere and several others, we're getting better and stronger. Tate's only three, so I feel pretty good about where we've been and where we're going.


Laura Carson said...

You guys have many years of great things ahead of you! Good looking pup too. :)

Jenny Glen said...

Oh, Meeker sheep are evil! :) With a capital "E"! Be kinder to yourself and make a goal of getting to the national finals. That's a very good goal. Keep up the blog. I'm looking forward to following your progress. Love the header picture at the top!