Monday, July 18, 2011


My border collie addiction began with Skeeter 10 years ago. My second daughter got her when she was four months old. She came from a friend who used dogs to be turn back dogs for her as she trained her cutting horses, but Skeeter was attached to a litter mate and never made a connection with her.

One day not too long after we got her, Skeeter was lying outside a low window of the cabin and my son was sitting on his bed practicing casting his fishing pole (yes - he was inside the house!! only a boy!) Anyway, Skeeter began working the end of the pole through the window!! So, I got a video and proceeded to learn how to train a Border Collie. I never trialed her, but she taught me oh so much!!! She was a natural, and could read stock better than I. She and I could go out in the pasture (one that was very rough and brushy - we live in Central Texas) and gather 300+ goats by ourselves. She dog broke every milk cow calf we had and I could send her to get them in at night. She also became the exercise dog for our kid's 4-H projects. She also loved to play catch -frisbee or softball, and would do it until she dropped!!

She's had 4 litters of puppies, most of which went to ranches to be ranch dogs, and everyone she had wanted to work. Tate was from a litter of 8, of which 7 died. I raised him on a bottle and he became my first trial prospect.

She got tick fever really bad once, and then had a couple of episodes with it later. She's got kicked, stomped and tussled, but always got back up and kept working for me.

Skeeter is retired now, lives in a nice big pen where she can watch the happenings around the ranch, but not work too hard, which she would still do, if I let her out! What a great heart and inspiration for me!

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Jenny Glen said...

Those first dogs teach us so much. My first one is 12 now and was hard on his body like Skeeter. He likes to sleep alot now, but in the cool of the morning, he has his moments...